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Heinrich, L.F., German gynecologist, 1814-1878. See: Robert pelvis.
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Her ancestor Sir John Lyon, Thane of Glamis, from whom her family inherited the Forfarshire estate and great castle of Glamis, married Jean, daughter of King Robert II of Scotland, in 1376.
They have two children, Robert II, a builder of golf courses, and Ju Lee McMurray, who lives in Palmdale with her husband and two children.
Dupuis and his wife Amy of Worcester, and Renee Fazio and her husband Thomas of New Bedford; her 16 beloved grandchildren, Mark, Melissa, Mateo, Jacob, Kyle, Joshua, Ronald III, Robert II, Alexandra, Kirsten, Reyse, Ashleigh, Nathan, Madison, Nicholas and Sydney; three great-grandchildren, Austin, Mia and Lilly; brothers Richard and Peter, a sister Thelma, and many nieces, nephews and friends.
The Bute family were descended from King Robert II of Scotland.
Paula Walker of Springfield and Donna Kaiser of Corvallis; two sons, David of Lake Oswego and Robert II of Stagecoach, Nev.
That endeavor was a family affair, as Selleck's sons, Tom, Dan and Robert II, all played roles.
ALEXANDER Stewart, Earl of Buchan, was a son of Robert II of Scotland, Lord of Badenoch.
James Alexander Stewart, 51, the man who would be King James VIII, or not, had been unaware of his ancestry until historian Iain Fleming traced his family tree all they way back to the first Stuart king Robert II, grandson of Robert the Bruce, who ruled between 1371 and 1390.
More than 20 years of research puts Scotland's crown firmly on the head of Scots-born James Alexander Stewart, whose ancestry dates back to the 14th Century King Robert II, the first monarch of the Stewart dynasty.
Robert II, Alexandra, Kirsten, Reyse, Ashleigh, Amanda, Madison, Nicholas, Sydney, Bianca and Nathan; four great-grandchildren, Austin, Mia, Connor and Mitchell; his only brother, Richard Dupuis and his wife Peggy of Millbury; and many nieces, nephews and friends.