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Robert, English plant physiologist, 1899–.
Hill reaction - that portion of the photosynthesis reaction that involves the photolysis of water and the liberation of oxygen and does not include carbon dioxide fixation.
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We have enjoyed working with Robert Hill and the management team at Acosta and are proud of what we have accomplished together, said Kent Weldon, Managing Director at THL.
Mike Brown stated “The webinar we hosted with CA Technologies was outstanding; attendance was great, Jeff Guggino & Robert Hill from CA delivered an enjoyable, but informative presentation and our customers had excellent questions
Former American Ballet Theatre principal Robert Hill is the new artistic director of Orlando Ballet.
IN our edition of February 25, 2008, we published a photograph of Robert White in a story concerning Robert Hill.
In addition, Future appointed a new chief financial officer, Robert Hill, who will be working closely with Fennessey.
Yes, that's the same Herby Branscum, lawyer by trade, and Robert Hill, former IRS agent and CPA, who were swept into the Whitewater investigation more than 11 years ago.
The report, Achieving More Together, was written by Robert Hill, a former adviser to Tony Blair, and published by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL).
Then she found out how Robert Hill went on to launch a savage baseball bat attack after his release.
Frequently clients find themselves so engrossed in managing day to day that they lose sight of long-term movements in their markets" says Robert Hill, Ph.
Psychologist and geriatric care researcher Robert Hill here offers a new set of thoughts with which to understand the nature of aging, focusing on a positive mind-set and new trends in aging management.
Gareth Lewis crossed for a hat-trick of tries and kicked six goals, while Gareth Moore, Robert Hill, Nio Aiono, David Felton and Tongan Taunaholo Taufanenta, on his debut, also touched down.
Ono is scheduled to meet Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Australian Defense Minister Robert Hill and other politicians in the two countries.