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Robert, English plant physiologist, 1899–.
Hill reaction - that portion of the photosynthesis reaction that involves the photolysis of water and the liberation of oxygen and does not include carbon dioxide fixation.
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We have enjoyed working with Robert Hill and the management team at Acosta and are proud of what we have accomplished together, said Kent Weldon, Managing Director at THL.
Robert Hill and Jeff Guggino of CA then lead in to a demo for the customers.
ROBERT Hill has a career in property development that stretches back three decades.
Robert Hill was criticised by the Pensions Regulator, which said his handling of funds at the Hugh Mackay Retirement Benefit Scheme was one of the most worrying examples of mismanagement it had ever seen.
The acquisition will strengthen Acostaa[euro](tm)s consulting capabilities, allowing it to provide customers with better services, president and chief executive Robert Hill said.
University spokesman Robert Hill rejected the offer on Tuesday.
Left, Department of South Dakota Commander Robert Hill and wife, Kil Suk, along with Past National Commander Gene Murphy admire photos of Representive Stephanie Herseth Sandlin's (D-S.
In addition, Future appointed a new chief financial officer, Robert Hill, who will be working closely with Fennessey.
One of our growth strategies for 2008 is to increase our presence in the drug channel," Acosta president and chief operating officer Robert Hill says.
Yes, that's the same Herby Branscum, lawyer by trade, and Robert Hill, former IRS agent and CPA, who were swept into the Whitewater investigation more than 11 years ago.
The report, Achieving More Together, was written by Robert Hill, a former adviser to Tony Blair, and published by the Association of School and College Leaders.
Father-of-two Chris Duffy, 38, was knocked over by Robert Hill outside a pub in 2003.