Coffey, Robert

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Robert, U.S. surgeon, 1869-1933.
Coffey incision
Coffey suspension - an operative technique following partial excision of the cornu, as in salpingectomy, whereby the broad and the round ligaments are sutured over the cornual wound to restore continuity of the peritoneum and to suspend the uterus on the operated side.
Coffey ureterointestinal anastomosis
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Louis is very deserving of his new role as The Gordian Group's Pacific South Region Manager because he has been instrumental in serving clients there and building our company's business," said Robert Coffey, President of The Gordian Group.
The company's founders, Harry Mellon and Robert Coffey, continue in their roles as chairman and president, respectively.
There have only been 500 documented cases of Menetrier's disease since it was first identified in 1888, as some cases may go undiagnosed or unreported because there is no treatment, said Robert Coffey, the study's lead researcher and a professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University.
His best man was his brother Ultan Foley and the other grooms party included another brother Liam Foley, best friends Robert Coffey and Joe Noone and Ruairi Costello.
Robert Coffey, marketing director of Prolerized Schiabo Neu Company (PSN) of Jersey City, NJ commented "that a system for practically identifying the composition of rubber parts removed in the dismantling process would be very helpful.
a company owned by 27-year-old Robert Coffey and Tackla Canada.
Congratulations to Lake County for this prestigious award," said Robert Coffey, President and CEO of The Gordian Group.
Randy's expertise in architecture, construction-project management and finance will suit our Pacific North clients well," said Robert Coffey, President of The Gordian Group.
The construction industry trails far behind others in utilizing technology to increase productivity," said Robert Coffey, President and CEO of The Gordian Group.
Having these contractors available in Utah now will surely increase the time and cost efficiencies agencies there experience with their construction and alteration projects," said Robert Coffey, President and CEO.
We are eager to partner with co-founders Harry Mellon and Robert Coffey and the entire Gordian management team to continue to advance the Company's mission and accelerate the Company's growth plans.
Three-letter domain names add incredible value for their online experience in part because they are easier to remember," said Robert Coffey, President and CEO.