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Henry, English physician, 1799-1849. See: Burton line.
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In his own words, Robert Burton was "brought up a Student in the most flourishing Colledge of Europe, Augustissimo collegio," with libraries as good as "the renowned libraries of the Vatican" (Burton, Faulkner et al.
Ron Armes, 75, from Easterside in Middlesbrough, said; Ron's wife Joyce, 72, of Easterside, said; Jan Harris, 53, a graduate employability manager from Darlington, said; Robert Burton, 73, from Hartlepool, said; Andrew Hunter, a 20-year-old student who lives in Stockton, said; Emma Thompson, 21, a student and part-time carer from Middlesbrough, said
It was originally built as the home of Robert Burton, a speculator and mineral prospector in the Wrexham area.
An aficionado of literary explorers like Robert Burton, Wilfred Thesiger, and Bruce Chatwin, who deliberately sought out hardships in remote deserts, jungles, or tundras, McMurtry is quick to acknowledge that he barely qualifies as a traveler.
Robert Burton, 61, was named chairman, president, and chief executive of Tampa, FL-based Walter Industries, a $1.
The deal, announced Thursday, includes stores in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey and Delaware and is subject to a bankruptcy court approval expected within 60 days, said Kmart spokesman Robert Burton.
The most important college for this pursuit was Christ Church College, Oxford, which boasted the presence of Hakluyt, Robert Burton, Richard Carew, Sir Philip Sidney, and William Camden, whose Britannia of 1586 "defined and stabilized local history" (p.
No,'' said Robert Burton, director of investor relations at Kmart Corp.
Admiration and some sympathy come even from sophisticated sources: Robert Burton, in An Anatomy of Melancholy, writes, 'A poor sheepstealer is hanged for stealing of victuals, compelled peradventure by necessity .
In 1621, Robert Burton, in his Anatomy of Melancholy, cited the second century, A.
It appeared in recognizable form by the time Robert Burton wrote his Anatomy of Melancholy in 1621, and the melancholy Burton was the thinker who first clearly identified it.
Vice President, Programs: Robert Burton, principal, IR Squared, LLC