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Robert, Irish physician, 1791-1875.
Adams-Stokes disease - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Adams-Stokes syncope - syncope due to complete atrioventricular block.
Adams-Stokes syndrome - characterized by slow or absent pulse, vertigo, syncope, convulsions, and sometimes Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes disease; Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome; Morgagni disease; Spens syndrome; Stokes-Adams disease; Stokes-Adams syndrome
Morgagni-Adams-Stokes syndrome - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Stokes-Adams disease - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
Stokes-Adams syndrome - Synonym(s): Adams-Stokes syndrome
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Robert Adams | Robert, who joins Lovell after eight years with Jones Homes - where he was regional director, will drive the continuing expansion of the business across the North East, Yorkshire and the East Midlands.
Cushman & Wakefield's Stephen Elman and Robert Adams represented Relevent Partners in negotiating the long-term lease.
Robert Adams was caught in the act by a catering worker at Falkirk Sheriff Court.
Lines' father, Robert Adams, aged 78, had offered the couple a half-share in his pounds 120,000 house in Taunton, Somerset, after he divorced his wife.
CONTACT: media, Robert Adams, +1-301-941-1877, RAdams@ngiweb.
The narrative of Robert Adams, a Barbary captive; a critical edition.
And although his images can read as the creations of a political environmentalist akin to Robert Adams, Burtynsky nonetheless maintains an interest in art-historical sources, including Earthworks, early landscape photography, luminist painting, and even the intensely colored photographs of unpeopled forests that grace the publications of the environmentalist Sierra Club.
Above (men l-r) Tony Gleeson (director); Duncan Wise; Rob Lawton; Andrew Derrington; Chris Hayes; David Greenwell (director); ladies (front l-r) Devya Athwal;(recruitment consultant); Nina Phillips (company secretary); Amanda Woods (recruitment consultant); Gurbir Sidhu (recruitment consultant); Right are: Robert Adams (Poundland); Julie Bevan (financial controller); Steve Douglas (Arbuthnot); David Lowe (Poundland)
Throughout the years, he collected works by Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Robert Mapplethorpe, Robert Adams, Ezra Stoller, Robert Frank, Irving Penn, Walker Evans, Erwin Blumenfeld and Edward Weston.
When he denied it, his company commander, Major Robert Adams, his regimental Sgt Major David Hall and Company Sgt Major Karl Finney all tried to pressurise him into pleading guilty.
Former hockey boss Robert Adams - who left a trail of debt behind when he quit as boss of Murrayfield Racers - is skating on thin ice after the Mail revealed his dodgy past.