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(rŏb′ĭnz), Frederick Chapman 1916-2003.
American microbiologist. He shared a 1954 Nobel Prize for work on the cultivation of the polio virus.
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Some of the dancers struggle to translate the experience of dancing for Robbins into mere words.
Quoting liberally from the diaries and journals Robbins kept all of his life--full of his plans for self-improvement, his dreams (jotted down upon waking), and his fears--Vaill locates a sort of Rosebud motif in a song from West Side Story, "Somewhere," which yearns for a place of peace and love.
Jowitt's as amazed as anyone else at the ease with which Robbins straddled the worlds of high and low culture with Fancy Free, the breakthrough ballet that he transformed into the effer-vescent musical On the Town.
Despite these social history aspects of her work, Robbins is most concerned with her exotic animals as cultural metaphors.
Robbins is a 1998 Yale graduate who has become something of a media celebrity largely due to her two earlier nonfiction books, both of which dealt with various aspects of collegiate or post-collegiate life.
Timothy Francis Robbins, who will turn forty-five in October, has never been afraid to speak out.
The $65 to $70 per ton it costs farmers to buy this soil amendment doesn't account for the costs of transporting or applying it, Robbins says.
These are very proud men, very stellar, very upright, and they very much take pride in being able to control their emotions and work through tragedy,'' says Robbins, who plays softball with company members from the firefighters near his home.
But Robbins expands his canvas to bring in the story of the beleaguered but determined Federal Theater Project director, Hallie Flanagan (played by Cherry Jones), and an account of Nelson Rockefeller's commission of a mural by Diego Rivera (John Cusack as Rockefeller and Ruben Blades as Rivera are wonderful, incidentally).
Our favorite commie-in-the-Hollywood-pile, Robbins gives us his most ebullient tract yet with this three-ring political circus.