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Heinrich, L.F., German gynecologist, 1814-1878. See: Robert pelvis.
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Robbert de Weijer is an international oil and gas executive experienced in high volume field operations at both exploration and development stages and in the delivery of cost improvements and project performance with a track record for creating capable, motivated and delivery-focused teams.
Case studies and rich historiographies stand side by side with Matt Gainer's intriguing urban photography, Robbert Flick's photo assembly on the San Gabriel River, and "contemporary voices" on Los Angeles that pull many of the historical questions and debates of this companion into the present.
This talented genius, better known as Robbert van de Corput started his career at the age of 13 during which a Dutch label signed him a year after post which he started to play at all mayor clubs in the Netherlands.
10, Dutch drummer Robbert van Hulzen informally presented his "Elephant Songs in ystanbul" with cellist Duygu Demir and saxophonist MeriE* Demirkol in the first set.
Bakker scored another field goal in the 56th minute before Robbert Kemperman rounded off the scoring three minutes from the end.
Economic conditions relating to cost, proximity to major markets, ease of travel, exchange rate stability due to using the dollar as legal tender, and synergies with other business units in Panama, have generated the environment that has led us to make the decision to relocate our regional office", said Robbert Jan van Trooijen, CEO of Maersk Line in Latin America.
Panel: Robbert Aarts, co-CEO, Fintage House; Mark Hutchison, principal, Rothstein Kass; Fred Milstein, managing director, AON/Albert G.
ACLA director Robbert van Nouhuys says the challenge is to change conventions in terms of how people perceive cities.
FBI director Robbert Miller along with a delegation met interior minister Rehman Malik in interior ministry Wednesday.
Robbert de Weijer Chief Executive Officer Australia of Dart Energy, Australia
Pharmaceutical companies like Heel are striving to create more evidence in this field, said Robbert Van Haselen, head of research at Heel.
The publication of this paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, the medical journal with by far the highest impact worldwide, is a milestone for alternative medicine approaches and shows an increased interest for alternative medicine research, provided that it follows certain requirements of scientific validation," says Robbert Van Haselen, head of research at the homeopathic drug company Heel USA.