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And then she gave her mother another bite, so that she jumped, and ran round with the pain; and the Robbers laughed, and said, "Look, how she is dancing with the little one
The robbers sat round the fire, sang and drank; and the old female robber jumped about so, that it was quite dreadful for Gerda to see her.
Why, I see a table spread with all kinds of good things, and robbers sitting round it making merry.
The Disinherited Knight was filled with astonishment, no less at the generosity of Rebecca, by which, however, he resolved he would not profit, than that of the robbers, to whose profession such a quality seemed totally foreign.
In and out of the hive long black robber bees smeared with honey fly timidly and shiftily.
He is a bloody robber," said the trader, curtly, "and I wish I saw him kicking at the end of a halter.
I found myself in a country that was quite new to me, and dared not return to the main road lest I should again fall into the hands of the robbers.
The sport to him, was in waylaying the successful robbers and taking their spoils from them.
cried the robber, shouting after Toby Crackit, who, making the best use of his long legs, was already ahead.
Your Honour," said the Robber, "I could do no otherwise than take the money, for Allah made me that way.
In the first place, he is no robber at all," returned Ralph, positively.
Lookyhere, Huck, being rich ain't going to keep me back from turning robber.