August Q., German anatomist, 1652-1723. See: Rivinus canals, Rivinus ducts, Rivinus gland, Rivinus incisure, Rivinus membrane, Rivinus notch.
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In 1900, Henri Luc described it as a sub-periosteal temporal abscess of otitic origin without intraosseous suppuration and suggested the possible pathway of microorganism spread from middle ear submucosa by anatomical pathways especially via the superior meatus, incisura Rivinus and along the branches of deep auricular artery [7].
A lot of students have an interest in these studies, but they don't know where to go with those interests," says Julie Rivinus, executive director of the AIME.
The potential for life-threatening cross-reactions with psychotropic medications, especially anti-convulsants, is a major concern due to the potential for severe mental confusion, sedation, toxic drug levels, dementia, seizure, coma, and death (The Arc, 2001; Rivas, 2001; Rivinus, 1988).
Respecto a la presencia de depresion, algunos estudios apuntan que su presencia no esta asociada con peores resultados en el tratamiento (Brown, Monti, Myers, Martin, Rivinus, Dubreuil et al.
Then, about ten years later in 1735, the text was reworked again (36b, Die Freude reget sich) for the birthday of University professor Johann Florens Rivinus.
There is minimal evidence of temporal bone fracture at the superior part of the annular ring along the notch of Rivinus.
For general accounts of Baird and the Fish Commission see Allard (1978), Dall (1915), Galtsoff (1962), and Rivinus and Youseff (1992).
The impact of alcoholism and other addictions on the family has been the subject of articles (see Bump, 1991; MacGregor, 1991; Mashberg, 1990; Rivinus, 1989; Wedge, 1989), but we need to increase our consciousness of the nature and varieties of addiction and abuse, including process (activity) as well as substance dependencies.
This is a dependable, conscientious group of employees who have achieved high standards for safety and quality," said Andy Rivinus, supply manager for the Portland plant.