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Johann W., German physicist, 1776-1810. See: Ritter opening tetanus, Ritter-Rollet phenomenon.
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Ritter spoke of the similarities and differences of the two towns to explain that although each rural community has its unique issues, they mostly operate the same.
There was no indication on Friday that Ritter had plans to run for Williams' seat.
These new 5160 and 5142 also provide Ritter with 10GbE service activation testing, extended temperature range support, full synchronisation support and greatly reduced power and space footprint, all critical aspects of improving customer satisfaction and overall deployment lifecycle costs, Ciena said.
When Ritter first took over the reins of the group he inherited 18 properties, while now he is responsible for more than 320 hotels in operation and 100 in development.
This capability is pushing up storage demand about 40% a year, a figure that was developed from data from 240 companies," Ritter said.
With more than 30 varieties and many different chocolate bar sizes currently available on the market -- from the 250-gram super format to the 8-gram cube -- Ritter Sport has effectively anticipated a wide variety of consumer preferences.
We look forward to providing the same high-quality, quick turnaround services to producers in the Otwell area that we currently provide in Marked Tree," Ritter Grain Vice President Brian King said in a release.
John is survived by his wife of 58 years, Olive (Taylor); two children, Jane Comerford, and husband David of Millis MA, Garrett Ritter and wife Julie of San Jose, CA, and daughter-in law, Diane Ritter-Gardner and husband Dennis of St.
We had been working with Ritter for about 20 minutes, and everything was cordial--though he didn't much like our art director's request to sit on the steps for a couple of shots, saying it didn't seem "appropriate.
I've done this before and I've always had a desire to get back into ownership," Ritter said.
Ritter started helping out on his family's alfalfa farm bucking hay when he was five.
We're very excited about the addition of the new kids' menu to our stores," said Bob Ritter, president of Ritter's Frozen Custard.