Jean, French anatomist and botanist, 1577-1657. See: Riolan anastomosis, Riolan arc, Riolan arcades, Riolan bones, Riolan bouquet, Riolan muscle.


Jean, French anatomist, 1577–1657.

Riolan's arch

, R.'s arc
A vascular arch within the mesentery of the transverse colon.

Riolan's bouquet

The two ligaments and three muscles attached to the styloid process of the temporal bone.

Riolan's muscle

The ciliary portion of the orbicularis oculi.
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The purpose of this document is to describe the work required to relocate offices in the existing buildings belonging to the sncf, Riolan street, Amiens.
Two potential routes of collateral flow are present between the SMA and IMA, including the marginal artery of Drummond that courses peripherally along the mesenteric margin/reflection of the colon, and the Arc of Riolan, which is located in the more central portions of the mesentery.
1] The disease entity itself had been described in 1767 by Gobbel, [2] although Riolan [3] might have recognized it in 17th century.
When the IMA became narrow or even obstructed by atherosclerosis plaque, the flow from the superior mesenteric artery (SMA) via the arc of Riolan (marginal artery) to the IMA compromises flow reserve to the small intestine, which result in the symptom of small bowel ischemia.
Esto figura en el discurso de Riolan, que dice que lo es porque es contrario al orden y la regla corriente de la naturaleza, que separo el genero humano en dos varones y mujeres" (Foucault, 2000: 77).
Fernel (29), unos cuarenta anos mas tarde, se refirio al mismo tema y admitio en cambio cuatro "variedades" que el profesor Jean Riolan (n.
I continued down to another tributary, the Riolan, for an even more sublime dip.
Estos puentes tienen varias formas de presentacion; algunos se ubican cerca de la pared intestinal y alejados de la aorta, por lo cual se denominan, de ubicacion periferica, como es el caso del arco Marginal o de Drummond; otros se forman alejados de la pared intestinal, y en mayor o menor grado mas cerca de la aorta, asumiendo una ubicacion, denominada central, de los cuales se han mencionado muchas variaciones, entre los cuales se destacan: el arco de Riolan, y un vaso descrito relativamente hace poco tiempo por Moskowitz et al, al cual denominaron arteria sinuosa (AS), tortuosa o serpenteante del colon.
William Harvey, following Fabrici, pursued the former, while Parisian anatomists such as Jean Riolan pursued the latter.
One has only to think of Jacques Duval's Des hermaphrodits, or Jean Riolan the Younger's Discours sur les hermaphrodits.
The well-documented dispute (1612-1614) that ensued between Duval and the Parisian anatomist Riolan has received a great deal of scholarly attention recently, mostly as illustrating an uneasy shift from a one-sex to a two-sex theory and the growing discourse on sexual difference, but it is also a fascinating case-study for the history of the construction of gender-once declared a man, among many attributes, Marie gets a new name, different clothes and a new function in society (as a tailor, ironically).