Jean, French anatomist and botanist, 1577-1657. See: Riolan anastomosis, Riolan arc, Riolan arcades, Riolan bones, Riolan bouquet, Riolan muscle.


Jean, French anatomist, 1577–1657.

Riolan's arch

, R.'s arc
A vascular arch within the mesentery of the transverse colon.

Riolan's bouquet

The two ligaments and three muscles attached to the styloid process of the temporal bone.

Riolan's muscle

The ciliary portion of the orbicularis oculi.
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I continued down to another tributary, the Riolan, for an even more sublime dip.
Nearby Sigale, on a high outcrop over the Riolan, is one of the best.
William Harvey, following Fabrici, pursued the former, while Parisian anatomists such as Jean Riolan pursued the latter.
If SMA or IMA is gradually occluded, the arc of Riolan or the central anastomotic artery may dilate to compensate and be termed the "meandering artery.
Here they are: 1) "Harvey versus Primrose, Riolan, and the anatomists (including Galen): circulation of the blood"; 2) "Galvani versus Volta: animal electricity"; 3) "Semmelweis versus the Viennese medical establishment: childbed fever"; 4) "Bernard versus chemists, physicians, and anti-vivisectionists: experimental medicine"; 5) "Pasteur versus Liebig, Pouchet, and Koch: fermentation, spontaneous generation, and germ theory"; 6) "Golgi versus Ramon y Cajal: the nerve network"; 7) "Freud versus Moll, Breuer, Jung, and many others: psychoanalysis"; 8) "Sabin versus Salk: the polio vaccine"; 9) "Franklin versus Wilkins: the structure of DNA"; and 10) "Gallo versus Montagnier: the AIDS war.
The purpose of Riolan's publication is to argue for local, that is, Parisian control over those wanting to practise medicine in Paris, In the context of extolling the tradition of local medical control in France, Riolan mentions Dulaurens, who was forced to retake his medical doctorate at Montpellier before he could become chancellor of that university, although he had "une Lettre Royale" (162).