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Alan said the shortage of bell ringers reflected the decline in numbers involved in church matters in general.
A Central Council of Bell Ringers spokesman said: "In England on the 8th of May 1945 a great celebration took place across the whole of the United Kingdom and to mark this event it was requested that all of the Church Bells which had remained silent throughout the war should be rung in celebration.
Michael said: "The old photo has been hanging in the tower at Christ Church since 1953, We don't know who took the photo but assume it was one of the other ringers.
They will join Merseyside's own musicians, the Maghull Parish Handbell Ringers, who were formed in 1983.
Mr Tallis was then put in touch with Nicola, when he soon realised that not only had the church not been officially requested to provide a wedding peal, but that ten ringers were actually needed.
There are 300 bells but fewer than 200 ringers in the Birmingham Diocese.
Ringers are usually protected from the noise by having a room between them and the bells.
With some of our members having moved on to university, we now have some vacancies in our team of bell ringers.
In 1926, Margaret Shurclff and The Beacon Hill Ringers warmed the hearts of Bostonians with their bell-ringing renditions of Christmas carols.
Every year, plenty of people looking for work apply to become bell ringers for the holiday season, Murray said.
said the Army would no longer be able to place bell ringers at its stores during the Christmas season.
The winning team in the four-person best shot competition was an out-of-town group of ringers from Omaha, headed by Jeff Kahler of Ayres Kahler, who posted a sparkling, 15-under-par 57