Ring Shadow

A descriptive term for the annular thickening of bronchial walls in a plain chest film in bronchiectasis, which is identical to ‘tram-track shadows’
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During the early part of this apparition, the ring shadow was projected onto the planet's northern hemisphere, north of Ring A.
After opposition, the ring shadow on the globe (SH R on G) was visible through C(M).
When her boyfriend took her to another doctor for examination, the same ring shadow was seen in the X ray, but the second doctor realized it was not pneumonia.
In particular, the sector of the Division projected against the planet generally appeared black, as the ring shadow projected against the planet was generally visible through this sector.
Sunlight passing through the Cassini Division produces a relatively narrow illuminated strip within the ring shadow where projected onto the planet.
In 1929, Artner was the first to describe concentric ring shadows in a barium-filled cecum with a central filling defect.
These ring shadows represent contrast reflux within the lumen between the walls of the intussusceptum and intussuscipiens (Figure 16).