Ring Form

An immature malarial parasite, which is a characteristic finding in peripheral red cells infected by Plasmodium spp; trophozoite ‘rings’ are globose, have a central vacuole, a red chromatin mass and blue cytoplasm; with maturation, the ‘rings’ evolve to an ameboid form
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was inconclusive due to a very low parasitaemia with only a single ring form identified.
The cross-tabulated report has provided clear evidence that women, especially younger and higher educated, would accept the ring form of contraception and prefer the non-hormonal option to currently available hormonal methods.
The monomer is known formally as aminocaproic acid, but in its ring form it is called caprolactam.
To obtain a hardened zone in ring form the sample was rotate with 5mm/s linear speed or 10mm/s.
When rested, line the pastry ring form with the pastry ensuring a flush fit all around.
But even the champion may have been surprised at the ease at which he managed to catch the South American, although not at all surprised at his opponent's resistance and cagey ring form.
The ring form was once quite functional: in western Finland, bread was baked only twice a year, and families strung hundreds of loaves on poles suspended from their rafters.
Leishman-Donovan (L-D) bodies were seen extracellularly (arrow), along with ring form of Plasmodium falciparum (Figure 1).
CLEARGAFTM filter bags in conjunction with the SENTINELA ring form a filter bag system that meets the strict requirements of the food and beverage industries.
knowlesi have been delineated, we were unable to find the ring form with double chromatin dots (9).
Early ring forms of malaria have small amounts of hemozoin, raising doubts that hemozoin-based detection would be able to pick up the earliest of infections.