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In health care accounting, denotes a request from a physician or clerical worker in a health care facility for a third-party payer to reconsider a decision about a disallowed claim for compensation.
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The new Right to Appeal provisions will apply only to the most serious of crimes.
Hanging Mollah on the basis of retroactive legislation and then denying him the right to appeal against this sentence is a grave violation of his fundamental rights.
Stuart Dougal has every right to appeal against his fine for swearing at Rangers' Christian Nerlinger in a recent match at Firhill.
The city has a right to appeal and stands by their decision to reject CDL's application.
The proposal also protects the member's right to appeal to the AICPA joint trial board in cases where the state board, agency or organization's action was unfair or excessive.
WELSH rugby chiefs yesterday won the right to appeal against a massive compensation claim from a player paralysed in a match.
Although beneficiaries have the right to appeal individual claim denials, the proposed rule would give them additional avenues to challenge underlying coverage policies.
Mobbs in the detention of Yaser Hamdi prefigures the fashion in which the Bush administration's Star Chamber would operate: A minor bureaucrat, acting on the supposed authority of King George, sentenced an American-born individual to prison without a trial or a right to appeal.
The notice must meet the content requirements of both federal and state laws, including the reason for the discharge, the effective date of the discharge, and the location to which the resident will be discharged, as well as the resident's right to appeal under the state appeals process.
Advanced Tissue Sciences has the right to appeal for two months following the official date of issuance of the decision.
To ensure impartiality and fairness, employees should have the right to appeal certain levels of discipline.
A spokeswoman for the Lords confirmed the 43-year-old had been granted the right to appeal against a decision earlier this year by the Appeal Court which ruled he was guilty of accepting corrupt payments.