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n the legal right of possession.
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The usual definition of unclaimed property is intangible property that has been held, issued and owed to another, in the ordinary course of the holder's business, beyond a specified time and without the owner's exercise of any right of ownership.
Thus it is reasonable to assume that once the principle is breached, it will not be long bef ore a similar assault on the basic right of ownership is mounted south of the border as well.
The right of the union and its membership must be balanced against the right of ownership of the enterprise by the individual," Losey said.
Additionally, as the Indian pharmaceutical industry becomes a larger player in the worldwide market, this protection establishes an important right of ownership for products sold or made in India.
Open Competition: for surveying for the purpose of state cadastral registration of land and federal land, which in the Russian Federation there is a right of ownership
They said that the Pakhtoonkhwa land and Pakhtoon nationality was undergoing a critical time where they are lacking the right of ownership and the resources.
The ruling of the Vienna Commercial Court, which remains appealable, fully confirms Vivendi Universal's (Paris Bourse: EX FP; NYSE: V) position that this award is unenforceable against Telco and does not affect Telco's right of ownership to the PTC shares.
Open Competition: Implementation of cadastral works on land and assets under construction and parts thereof, which in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), there is a right of ownership
Similarly, she said right of ownership of women affectees must also be recognized viz a viz livestock.