right border of heart

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right bor·der of heart

the border between the sternocostal and diaphragmatic surfaces of the heart; it is fairly well defined in fixed hearts but is rounded and indefinite in the living heart.
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Contract notice: Project cleaning the sewer in the territorial areas of la vega and right margin.
asp an owner will see the form on the right margin of the page.
1011/1602), one of the last surviving male members of the prestigious Banu Muflih, a Hanbali judge in Damascus and Baalbek, and also a student of Ibn Tulun, (18) has written the names of each judge, numbered each biographical entry consecutively from 61 to 433, and may have even signed a note in the right margin of fol.
The distance from the right side of the shield on the eagle to the right margin of the bill is 1 inch.
A large flake has been removed from the right margin (dorsal view) producing a concave edge.
Also, on the left and right margin of scanned aerial photographs, fiducial marks must be clearly visible.
The El Chaparral dam on the river Torola, was scheduled to be ready in 2013, but the storm Agatha in 2010 caused damage to the work and from that date geological movements have been detected in the right margin.
Mahalingam said that the company has " grown well" in FY12 and has also been able to exit the year at the right margin levels.
Neale (Tackle Shack) returned to winning ways when the weather relented on Thursday, fishing corn on long pole from peg 11 and switching from the far bank to his right margin to collect a 27lb 2oz haul of carp and barbel.
Period Analysis software (Peranso) fits a polynomial to a segment of a light curve by marking a let and right margin cursor.
A narrow right margin shows impatience and eagerness to get on with things, while a wide right margin shows a fear of the unknown.
But we need to make sure it's a quality product that we can sell for a pound and still provide the right margin.
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