right main bronchus

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right main bron·chus

[TA] Avoid the incorrect term right main stem (or mainstem) bronchus.
primary division of the tracheobronchial tree arising as the right of branch at the bifurcation of the trachea; it enters the hilum of the right lung, giving off the superior lobe bronchus and continuing downward to give off the middle and inferior lobe bronchi. It is shorter, of larger caliber, and more nearly vertical than the left main bronchus, thus, aspirated objects more frequently lodge on the right side.
Synonym(s): bronchus principalis dexter [TA]
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When she was 46, the pulmonary tuberculosis had recrudesced and as a result she suffered from tuberculous airway stricture below the vocal cords and in the right bronchus.
The right bronchus was divided nearer the hilum than the carina to avoid possible ischaemia at the bronchial anastomosis site later on (Fig.
A portable chest radiograph confirmed the location of the capsule within a right bronchus.
The most common site of foreign-body impaction was the right bronchus (60.
8cm was in her right bronchus ( the air passage to the lung.
On bronchoscopy obstruction was noted in the distal right bronchus by a necrotic polypoid mass.
Castillo's right bronchus to grow epithelial cells, and stem cells were isolated from her bone marrow and induced to differentiate into chondrocytes.
Another possible cause of desaturation during bronchoscopy may be a combination of an occluded right main bronchus due to a foreign body, with a non-ventilated left bronchus due to the ventilating tip of the bronchoscope being in the right bronchus.
A portogram was done to investigate the underlying problem and revealed leakage of contrast material into the respiratory tract through the right bronchus.
It was then rotated 180[degrees] such that the bevel was facing the right bronchus and the Murphy eye, the left.
Keeping in mind the risk of dislodgement of the ETT in the right bronchus, the patient was turned supine and the ETT in the trachea was replaced with a rigid bronchoscope.
Flexible bronchoscopy showed the foreign body remained in the second division of the right bronchus.