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The use of a specially trained horse as a therapeutic ‘vehicle’ for improving a person’s balance; as the horse sways and rocks, the mounted patient’s pelvic muscles are required to compensate; HP is believed to be useful in patients with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis


Therapeutic use of horseback riding with the supervision of a trained therapist to provide specific medical benefits to the rider.
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MassMutual's SpecialCare Planning Teams have built Community Resource Networks across the country to provide families with financial education and a network of care providers specializing in everything from educational seminars on life-care planning to horseback riding therapy.
The sanctuary also offers riding therapy sessions for disabled groups or people with conditions such as autism.
I AM thrilled to tell you that we have been awarded a positive accreditation recommendation for the Matrix Standard for not only the delivery of our diploma courses as a partner of Middlesbrough College, but also for our Supported Volun V - teer Programme, volunteer and riding therapy services too.
kela rehabilitation act of 9 and 10 A*: n accordance with severe disabilities, riding therapy services v.
From Brin, the dog who saved troops' lives in Afghanistan, to Shock, the riding therapy donkey, they were truly deserving winners.
Susan Law, of Muirfield Riding Therapy, where Jenna did her work with disabled kids, said after the funeral: "She built a lot of relationships with teenagers who sometimes found it difficult to communicate with others.
uk/santa @PAWLETSUK: The Donkey Sanctuary Birmingham offer a fabulous assisted riding therapy centre http://dld.
A RIDING therapy centre in Bishop Auckland has received a pledge of support from a major building firm.
The NARHA Standards and Accreditation Manual supports any attempt to encourage individuals with MD to remain active for as long as possible, however, indicates that fatigue is a precaution and could be a contraindication to participation in riding therapy (11).
She was founder of the Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children and Donkeys (EST), a UK charity providing riding therapy with donkeys to children with special needs and disabilities.
Children with disabilities, palsy and autism receive horse riding therapy in Kyrgyzstan.