Samuel, English chemist and bacteriologist, 1863-1929. See: Rideal-Walker coefficient, Rideal-Walker method.
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Tenders are invited for Supply Of Disinfectant Thick Compound Phenyl Fluid(Concentrated),Phenolic Type All As Per Is 1061 Grade-I, With Rideal Walker Co-Efficient As 18,In Drums/Cans Of 25 Ltrs
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En 1896 el periodico londinense The Hospital publico una serie de articulos con resultados de experimentos culinarios con carne congelada, y en sus conclusiones Samuel Rideal afirmo: "I can confidently assert that both with regard to digestibility and for the preparation of soups or beef tea the hard frozen meat is of intrinsically the same value as that which has been chilled or freshly killed".
ClickPress, Mon Mar 07 2011] Over three days between 19th April and 21st April 2011, The Rideal Conference will be examining the new discussion points from within the industry and explaining how findings are being transferred for certain applications.
Tom Rideal joins as the office's graduate placement student and Anna Bailey takes on a regional role coving the Midlands and South West as regional business development manager.
Le fond du probleme reside dans le regroupement d'associations musulmanes, plutot anglophones, qui s'attachent a defendre rideal du multiculturalisme, c'est-a-dire du droit a la difference.
In exploring the history and function of the self-portrait, curator Liz Rideal and art historians Whitney Chadwick and Frances Borzello discuss the work of 40 women artists who have used their own image for self-expression.
Malkyl is a steriliser, bactericide, germicide, fungicide, algicide and disinfectant with a Rideal Walker value of 75 and pH value of 7.
org] y contribuyo decisivamente a la creacion en 2002 de Rideal, la Red de Investigacion sobre Areas Metropolitanas de Europa y America Latina.
The conference is given its name from one of the countrys leading chemical scientists and the Chemical Societys president, Sir Eric Rideal.