George, British physician, 1888-1947. See: Riddoch phenomenon.
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1 tribute to Tina Turner, Liverpoolborn Justine Riddoch and her band have proved they are simply The Best.
Keith Riddoch, of Aberdeen, blasted the buzzard with a shotgun during a shoot on a Highland estate.
The home side was quick off the mark on Saturday, Richard Bentham finding James Riddoch for the onetime effort past Stars netminder Mark Watson's skate with just 30 seconds gone.
the Riddoch Highway intersection with Wandilo Forest and Ridge Roads,
And now Monterey has its own version Exodus Escape Room on Cannery Row founded by entrepreneur Christina Riddoch of Monterey.
On Saturday June 3, another legend takes to the stage in the form of Liverpool performer Justine Riddoch who proves she's Simply the Best with her award-winning Tina Turner tribute show, Totally Tina.
Doug Dascenzo was co-manager of the year in 2006 and Greg Riddoch shared the honor in 2007.
Dean and breakfast DJ Mike Riddoch were told last month that Clyde 2 were going to replace their programmes with network shows.
Retired nurse Mary Riddoch first caught the bug at a Victory Celebration concert at the end of the Second World War, and today goes to every RLPO home date as well as travelling abroad to watch them.
Author Andrew Riddoch unearthed details of the Bluebirds players' heroism for his book When the Whistle Blows, which tells the story of Football Battalion the 17th Middlesex.
Many Europeans are interested in second homes in Egypt, despite the debt crisis which has sparked fears of a sluggish euro zone recovery, said Peter Riddoch, chief executive of Amer Group's resort development arm Porto World.