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Richard, English anatomist and physiologist, 1631-1691.
Lower ring - one of four fibrous rings that form part of the fibrous skeleton of the heart. Synonym(s): fibrous ring of heart
Lower tubercle - the slight projection on the wall of the right atrium between the orifices of the venae cavae. Synonym(s): intervenous tubercle
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In 1959, Dr Shumway and Richard Lower, a Stanford resident, performed the first dog heart transplant.
Physician Richard Lower went first, transferring blood between dogs to the amazement of scientists at London's Royal Society.
Jean Baptiste Denys in France in 1667 aspirated blood from the artery of a lamb and injected it into a boy of 15, while a few months later Richard Lower made a direct transfusion from a sheep to a man and repeated this a few weeks later with, surprisingly, no apparent ill effects to his subject
Of the friends Robert Boyle, Richard Lower, John Locke may be singled out but Christopher Wren, who drew some of the pictures for the Cerebri Anatome, deserves special mention.
4 The first successful blood transfusion was carried out my Cornish physician Richard Lower in 1665 who used two dogs as his subjects.
Richard Lower (1631-1691): first to perform a direct blood transfusion from one animal to another.
The transplant professionals honored as pioneers included: Murray; Sir Roy Calne; Michael DeBakey, MD; Richard Lower, MD; John Najarian, MD; Oscar Salvatierra, Jr.
THE first blood transfusion was in 1665, when British doctor Richard Lower kept dogs alive with transfusions from other dogs.
El 23 de noviembre de 1667, en Londres, el doctor Richard Lower transfundio sangre de una oveja a Arthur Coga, quien "desde entonces se encuentra mucho mejor", refiere Samuel Pepys en su Diario.
He then weaves the tale of Willis' rise from boy of modest beginnings to accomplished physician sharing the company of some the world's most noted thinkers, including Christopher Wren, Richard Lower, and Robert Hooke.