ribosomal DNA

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ribosomal DNA (rDNA),

species of DNA present in ribosomes, where it participates in protein synthesis, rather than in the nucleus.

ribosomal DNA

n. Abbr. rDNA
Any of various regions of DNA in eukaryotes that are transcribed into precursors of ribosomal RNA.

ri·bo·so·mal DNA

Species of DNA present in ribosomes, where it participates in protein synthesis, rather than in nucleus.
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Sequence analysis of ribosomal gene RpL7 The predicted amino acid sequence was analyzed using Basic Local Aligment Search Tool (BLAST) (http://www.
The Nest 1 reaction amplified approximately 794 to 825 bp of the small subunit of the Plasmodium ribosomal gene (depending on the Plasmodium species; P.
For major ribosomal gene mapping we used ITS1, a specific probe generated by PCR using the primers 1TS1CA-CB (ITS1CA: 5'-GTTTCCGTAGGTG AACCTG-3', ITS1CB: 5'-CTCGTCTGATCTGAGGTCG-3) (Heath et al.
Using the 16S ribosomal gene, the researchers identified 35 bacterial species associated with the syndrome.
Once the HMA-generated partial sequence information was available, the investigators were able to complete ribosomal gene sequencing work for these and related organisms, and to develop highly specific PCR assays for P.
Such results suggested either that the number of cells scored were insufficient to detect all positive Ag-NOR sites in these individuals, or that the activity or number of ribosomal gene copies were below the detection level of the Ag-NOR staining method.
Polymerase chain reaction amplification of spirochete 16S ribosomal gene sequences was performed.
In general, the proposed molecular assay allow to carry out consecutive digestions to 16S ribosomal gene Amplicon with low cost restriction enzymes commercially available; easy reading and interpretation due to a low bands number (patterns); and none special software is required for data analysis and finally the test implementation would facilitate diagnosis on labs equipped for simple tests of molecular biology.
Further, the ribosomal gene sequence data indicate that archeans are more closely related to eukaryotes than to bacteria.
They then collected bacteria from both the inside and outside of these sections and searched the organisms for a particular gene, known as the 16S ribosomal gene.
Although the global prevalence of pneumococcal strains with macrolide resistance conferred by ribosomal gene mutations remains low (<2%), a study of macrolide resistance mechanisms among S.