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RFID technology has been around for a while, but uses have been mostly applied to agriculture and industrial sectors.
Omron has conventionally released bistatic type RFID reader/writers.
As RFID tagging becomes more ubiquitous and RFID technology more portable, real-time information can be captured wherever required to support the requirements of the COCOM.
Department of Defense policy guidelines, FAQs, and technical information on RFID tag use can be found at www.
To institutionalize RFID as a standard way of doing business, this policy will be incorporated into the next update of the DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management Regulation (DoD 4140.
Xterprise Incorporated is a global provider of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) enabled supply chain solutions for many of the world's most respected Fortune 500 supply chains.
Finalize DoD passive RFID technical specifications--tags and infrastructure (March 2004)
For more information about the Oakton Community College RFID Center, visit www.
StudioNorth begins its engagement with a tour of the Avery Dennison Atlanta Technical Center (ATC), a sort of "Skunkworks" for RFID applications and testing.