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But when we started presenting at this and other conferences, the overwhelming pull we received actually came from the reverse-osmosis people.
The six Pro-Flo reverse-osmosis SKUs, which range in retail price points from $419 to $645, carry water through five stages of filtration to reduce sediment, chlorine, water-born cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia, volatile organic chemicals and bad taste and odor, a company product sheet asserts.
The project comprises a reverse-osmosis, seawater desalination plant with a 14.
3 years ago, Schimoler replaced the 85-year-old pipes in his Lorain Avenue restaurant in historic Ohio City and installed a reverse-osmosis Kinetico water system to filter the Cleveland water.
The reverse-osmosis technology is the only one capable of achieving the 100 milligrams-per-liter standard, said Vicki Conway, head of the treatment monitoring section for Los Angeles sanitation districts.
The plans for the vast multi stage flash (thermal) plant for Jubail and a 400,000 mA/day sea water reverse-osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant at Jeddah came on the heels of SWCC's announcement of plans to construct a 600,000 mA/day SWRO plant at Rabigh on the Red Sea Coast which would be the world's biggest SWRO facility.