Reverse Discrimination

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A popular term for the denial of a job or admission to a professional school based on the fact that the applicant is not of a minority race or deemed disadvantaged
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Other studies cited in her research found similar reactions for whites, but not blacks, thus diminishing the validity of arguments about reverse racism.
He proceeds up to the modern day detailing perceived racism that government must be allowed to fix, while ignoring the problems the government's racial fixes have caused: the prevalent reverse racism of modern affirmative action programs.
The rise in violent crime over the last 15 years, the introduction of the Black Economic Empowerment affirmative action policy after 1994 (seen as reverse racism by some white South Africans) and the influx of migrants from neighbouring African states were cited as the main issues.
Many White men perceive the gains made by people of color and women as an unfair expression of reverse racism, because they have occurred through what are considered the non-meritorious policies of affirmative action (Gillian, 1997; Lynch, 1997; Quadagno, 1994).
of Texas, Austin) provides a very detailed account of what transpired over the 12 years of his research, describing how Ladinos viewed the Maya movement and the Guatemalan state in light of neoliberal multiculturalism, the role of the regional in indigenous politics, Ladino racial ambivalence and the issue of reverse racism, and the possibilities of racial healing given the limits of Ladino solidarity.
When ever we say that people say it is reverse racism.
We have refrained from using the term "affirmative action" as this term is exploited by some elements to mean reverse racism.
Based on their initial reactions to the subject, it was clear that many tended to dismiss multiculturalism as an example of "PC" thought control, at best, and a form of reverse racism at its worst.
He detects a kind of reverse racism against Southerners.
News & World Report have written about SAS to show an example to reverse racism, but Carlet doesn't see it that way.
Washington, July 9 (ANI): The new "tan tax" in US has been facing a lot of objections, with people saying it is propagating discrimination and reverse racism.