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The loss of mental abilities in old age in the opposite order in which they are gained in childhood, especially as exhibited by Alzheimer's patients
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So Robin, let's get another plaque unveiled in the splendour of Portmeirion, as a well-earned tribute to the summer of 2013: a longed-for return to childhood seasonality.
According to its findings, the trend has been labelled 'inherited holidays,' and it suggests that the desire to return to childhood haunts is driven by a mix of nostalgia and economics.
When times are tough, people return to childhood values and Christmas is a time where the act of going out to choose a tree together as a family is reassuring.
The over-18s Zoo Lates event gives visitors a chance to return to childhood days out with a grownup twist.
Ace return to childhood It's guilty pleasure time for me as I take a look back at Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (Today, Channel 5, 7.
Glyn and Elena came up with a multi-layered exploration of ageing and memory in the main character, Mr D (played by Dave Hill - Bert in EastEnders) who, at the start of the story, loses his way home, signalling an irreversible return to childhood.
And filming in Birmingham meant a return to childhood haunts for Eddie, whose Aunt Doreen lives in the city.
Last year, his Return to Childhood tour celebrated the 20th anniversary of Marillion's Misplaced Childhood album and saw him perform nearly 100 shows in 23 countries.
Such a return to childhood, so Baudelaire adds, which is so typical of modernism, comes only when an artist "is possessed in the highest degree of the faculty of keenly interesting himself in things," even if they seem merely trivial.
A friend recently told me that she is going to hand in her resignation as an adult and return to childhood.
It seemed like as good a time as any to return to childhood, so I walked up the Royal Mile, which is a mile long, just as the one'o'clock gun went off at one'o'clock - you always know where you are in Edinburgh - and spent the next hour in the wonderful Museum of Childhood, where on the first floor I found the Lone Star two-gun holster set which I had when I was eight, complete with mask and bandanna.