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A portmanteau of metropolitan and heterosexual
adjective Referring to a self-aware and often self-centred heterosexual man (noun) who is less troglodytic than the average heterosexual man, more concerned about his appearance and displays characteristics—love of art, culture and shopping—which are more typically seen in gay men
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They strongly encourage the consumption of products that demonstrate the embodiment of retrosexual masculinity.
In most cases, a retrosexual will carry out all the household chores that would at one time have been classed as "wummen's work", but that doesn't apply in Casa Low.
In addition the Retrosexual Minxes will be taking to the floor to songs that you won't find in any chart rundown.
Ya nos habiamos acostumbrado a etiquetar a los hombres con los adjetivos "metrosexual" y retrosexual.
COMEDY CARDIFF: Chapter (029 2030 4400), Mike Bubbins: Retrosexual Male.
Instead, men are going back to basics, and, according to The Grocer magazine, a new breed of man, known as the Retrosexual, has emerged.
The slick, urban guy who took care of his appearance - used products on his hair and face and was unembarrassed about being scented and moisturised - has made way for the more natural, rugged and beard--loving Retrosexual -as epitomised by Hugh Laurie, Zach Galifianakis and any male nu-folk singer you care to mention," the Daily Express quoted Trade magazine The Grocer as saying.
If Pattinson was looking for a role makeover from his cool campus vampire avatar in Twilight, this film gives him a nice retrosexual twist.
The contest is open to anyone and categories include Wags, Fantasia, Femme Realness, Best Choreography, Retrosexual, Orphans and Scally's Mum.