do not resuscitate

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do not resuscitate (DNR)

a legal directive indicating that the patient should not receive CPR in the event of a cardiac arrest. See no code.

do not resuscitate

See DNR.

do not resuscitate



An order stating that a patient should not be revived. It may be written by a physician at the patient's request. If the patient is not competent or is unable to make such a decision, the family, legal guardian, or health care proxy may request and give consent for such an order to be written on the patient's chart and followed by the health care providers. The hospital or physician should have policies regarding time limits and reordering.
See: allow natural death; do not attempt resuscitation
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NHS bosses have appointed a group to come up with a policy here on Do Not Attempt Cardio-pulmonary Resuscitation orders that will apply across the country.
In Section A, 99% of resuscitation orders were DNR; only 1% requested full code.
There are four categories: resuscitation orders, medical intervention (ranging from comfort measures to intensive hospital care), the use of antibiotics, and fluids and nutrition.
Levy was not at the hospital but was called, gave resuscitation orders to the nursing staff" while driving to the hospital, and arrived some 12 minutes into the code.
If I am going to an unfamiliar rest-home or hospital, I will go early to find my way around and get to know any special needs patients may have, for example resuscitation orders.