Allocation System

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A system for distributing a limited resource—e.g., kidneys for transplantation—in the most equitable fashion possible
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This first product release delivers unmatched performances in terms of resource utilization, gate count, and latency for 1-, 10-, 25-, 40- and 100-Gbps Ethernet MAC & PCS solutions.
The analysis shows that with such a repo rate path, inflation would deviate less from its target and resource utilization would be somewhat more balanced than in the forecast.
com) expands its SharePoint product line presenting Virto Resource Utilization Gantt - a new light-weight interactive Silverlight-based web part that provide SharePoint users with a variety of tools for resource management and online utilization tracking.
The introduction of storage networking allowed IT administrators to centralize the management of diverse storage resources, using common tools from a single console to handle tasks such as resource utilization, adding and removing capacity, provisioning and data protection.
An example of a CIS cost avoidance is length-of-stay reduction and resource utilization related to caring for a patient with a medication error who requires further inpatient observation and treatment.
Machine-time- and labor-time-related costs are allocated based on product-line standard operating data and resource utilization.
Through project portfolio management and analysis, managers can maximize resource utilization, eliminate duplicate projects, collect organizational knowledge, and institute best practices.
Cisco (Nasdaq:CSCO) and IBM have introduced a jointly developed solution designed to help customers further drive down the costs and complexity of managing data by providing them flexible, storage area networking (SAN) options to improve storage resource utilization.
Hopefully "objective" conclusions, such as those contained within the two OIG studies and their corresponding reports--Nursing Home Resident Assessment: Quality of Care and Nursing Home Resident Assessment: Resource Utilization Groups--will signal a unification of those--regulators and providers--with a vested interest in the well-being of the beneficiaries they serve.
The tools monitor resource utilization, avoid crisis situations via alerts or automated corrective actions, identify potential SQL, index, or other design improvements, help implement prudent database and object tuning, help plan for resource growth, and more.
refine the case-mix measure to better account for resource utilization,
Price inflation remained subdued despite high rates of resource utilization, notably that of labor.

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