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The process of fusing one metal to another using combustible gas, covered electrode arcs, and gas-shielded arcs; welding exposes welders to gases, metal fumes, and toxins, and increases risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma


n a process used to join metals.
welding, arc and gas,
n See welding, fusion.
welding, cold,
n the property of welding at room temperature when clean surfaces are pressed into contact. This property is exhibited to the highest degree by gold in the form of foil or crystals.
welding, fusion,
n a process in which parts are melted and fused together. Also called
arc and gas welding.
welding, pressure,
n a welding process in which the parts are not melted, although heat is usually required. Recrystallization across the interface occurs. Gold foil is welded by pressure without temperature elevation. Also called
resistance welding and
spot welding.
welding property,
n the characteristic of certain materials, especially metals, to firmly unite together when subjected to heat or pressure in a suitable environment.
welding, resistance,
n See welding, pressure.
welding, spot,
n See welding, pressure.
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mounting device which enables anybody to fix Fiber Bragg Grating strain sensors easily on every resistance welding machine.
The owners, Richard Jones, aged 33, who takes over as managing director, and David Wilkes, the 45year-old operations director, have renamed the business Federal Resistance Welding and will trade as British Federal.
The entire cylinder radius is equally malleable; you don't have any hardenings as you would from resistance welding and planishing.
Soon after came resistance welding for the joining of all shapes and types of steels, both ferrous and non-ferrous.
Untersuchungen zum Widerstandsschweissen von Feinblechen aus neuentwickelten hoher--und hochstfesten Stahlwerkstoffen", "Study of Resistance Welding on sheet material from AHSS and UHSS", Schweisstechnische Lehranstalt (SLV) Duisburg, Institut fur Schweisstechnik und trennende Fertigungsverfahren (ISAF), Projektbericht AIF 12.
This is not a case where the friction causes the interface of the materials to melt as is the case in resistance welding but, rather, one in which as the two pieces of material go back and forth rapidly the surface oxides are removed and the materials bond together at the atomic level.
The Dudley-based manufacturer of resistance welding equipment and controls said it had sold a total of 14 friction welding machines in recent weeks to customers in Germany and France.
Total cost of ownership comparable to today's modern resistance welding systems
Successful spot welding, for example, is a form of resistance welding and is dependent on electrode clamping force, weld current level, and weld current timing.
Two directors who founded Resistance Welding Supplies have retired after nearly 47 years service.
com/research/366903/asian_market_for_r) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report "Asian Market for Resistance Welding Equipment" to their offering.
Tenders are invited for Supply of micro processor based 500 Watt-sec, dual pulse, capacitor discharge type weld power source suitable for roll, spot and seam resistance welding

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