Rescue Robot

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A self-contained and powered robotic device that ambles over debris from natural (e.g., earthquakes) or manmade disasters (e.g., collapsed buildings) to help rescue workers. They are usually equipped with sensors for CO2 and body heat, and cameras for sending images to a home station
Pros Reduced personnel requirements, reduced fatigue, access to otherwise unreachable areas
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In Rescue Simulation League, MRL from Qazvin Islamic Azad University landed first, while Yazd IAU team won first place in Rescue Robot League, which is considered one of the most difficult leagues of the international competition.
This year, MRL took second place in the rescue robot competition, trailing only the iRAP Robot team from King Mongkut's University of Technology in Bangkok.
The entries included: Ultrasonic blind helper stick (Owais Rasool), Design and importance of anti-lock braking system (Salman Shalwani), Rescue robot using grid based navigator system (Abu Bakkar) and Decentralized multi-robot task allocation (Fatima Zareen).
The rescue robot has been designed to help injured troopers in war zones and provide first aid to them, said Hadi Zare, one of the researchers of the team, the Iranian students' news agency reported.
Among the topics are analyzing power supply maintenance in transport telematics systems, creating terrain maps for unmanned ground platforms, experimental research on the directional stability of articulated tractors, a reliability model of motorway emergency communication systems, an automatically controlled anti-collision maneuver and its numerical simulation with disturbances, predicting the spatial orientation of a ship by means of neural networks, characterizing the matrix game sensitivity of the safe passing of ships at sea, analyzing parameters of the impact of a traveling wave on the speed of a biomimetic underwater vehicle, and evaluating he stiffness of fire rescue robot suspension with hydropneumatic components.
In this article, we introduce the RoboCup Rescue leagues, namely the Rescue Robot League (RRL) and the Rescue Simulation League (RSL) (Tadokoro et al.
Meanwhile Andrew Cowan from Sutton has been awarded UK Young Engineer of the Year for his project, a Search and Rescue Robot which includes a camera and fire extinguisher which allows the user to control the robot and view environmental information from a remote control panel.
a robot builder based in Munakata, Fukuoka Prefecture, has put its rescue robot T-53 Enryu on standby at a dedicated facility in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, about 50 kilometers northeast of Tokyo and 170 kilometers southwest of the power plant in Fukushima Prefecture devastated by the March 11 magnitude-9.
Warwick University engineering students are working on using the Xbox to help navigate an innovative rescue robot.
The Kinect is already in use, for instance applied to a search and rescue robot at Warwick University.
Using a Royal Navy rescue robot, they spent five hours cutting through the cables which had held the AS-28 mini-submarine down as its crew ran out of oxygen on the ocean floor.