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rescission (ri·siˑ·zhn),

n the termination of a contract, either by a party legally entitled to do so or by court order.
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employs several techniques to restrict rescission rights.
18] A developer should note that this rescission right applies even though a developer may have successfully complied with each of ILSA's registration provisions.
Of this number, the rescission right granted in accordance with Section 17 of the offer document was exercised in respect of 1,610 IFCO shares so that the Offer was ultimately accepted within the acceptance period for a total of 16,120,973 IFCO Shares, which corresponds to approximately 31.
Lions Gate is not offering holders of the notes any rescission rights based upon its public disclosure of this information.
Reese also alleges in her lawsuit brought in New York State Supreme Court May 18 that the sponsor of the struggling development Linden78, at 230 West 78th Street, owes her $70,000 in commission fees even though the sponsor offered rescission rights to all buyers in mid-April.