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1. Something desired or needed.
2. A condition that must be present if some event is to occur or some entity is to come into existence.


Anything that is obligatory or necessary; an authoritative expression of such obligation or necessity.
[L. requiro]
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Quality requirements associated with deployed software take a holistic view of the entire system, including distributed components.
To adapt this approach, each organization will need to assess the quality characteristics best suited to its business requirements, develop consistent definitions for these qualities, and determine their relative importance.
Since industry leaders and voluntary standards representatives are still working to revise the ASTM standard, it seems reasonable that the additional requirements may become part of the standard.
once the team resolved the issue, they requested authorization from the Core Team for implementation and approval of any spending requirements to complete the project.
Requirements for states to implement systems of standards, assessments, and accountability have been the central feature of federal elementary and secondary education programs since 1994.
The development of cost-effective standards that taxpayers can comply with will, as with the OECD's efforts, require a careful balance among the needs of taxpayers and tax administrators, especially since taxpayers would be reluctant to support more burdensome multilateral requirements than those imposed by the respective countries with which they are required to comply.
The basic steps for preparing to meet the HIPAA privacy requirements are: (1) understanding and evaluating their relevance to your facility; (2) assessing all gaps in current procedures causing noncompliance with the requirements; (3) developing a compliance plan, including required process and systems changes and identifying necessary resources and timetable; and (4) scheduling implementation.
The team assesses a component regarding its geometry, material requirements and overall application.
The Amendments also reduce the burden on states by eliminating requirements for a strategic plan; however, the requirement that a portion of the Title I formula grant funds for the VR program be reserved to support the development of innovative approaches to expanding and improving VR services, particularly to individuals with the most significant disabilities was retained.
Finally, all tanks and pipings must be installed in accordance with a nationally recognized association or an independent testing laboratory, and the owner or operator must demonstrate compliance with the installation requirements.
An important lesson from the contrasting results in these cases is that courts do not approve employment standards in the abstract, but only in relation to the requirements of a particular job.
As program executive office action officers started to clarify and define the operational, budgetary, and acquisition-related requirements for fielding, we began to realize that unlike our previous experiences in acquisition, getting appropriate operational and budgetary oversight and execution approvals was proving relatively easy.

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