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1. Something desired or needed.
2. A condition that must be present if some event is to occur or some entity is to come into existence.


Anything that is obligatory or necessary; an authoritative expression of such obligation or necessity.
[L. requiro]
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Meanwhile, a fundamental risk within the acquisition community is requirements creep.
The second dimension: Deploy effective resources to meet the requirements
If nonstock consideration is used, the COI requirement could be jeopardized if the new mix of consideration does not contain the required portion of acquirer stock.
NASBA's National Qualifications Appraisal Service (NQAS) can evaluate whether a jurisdiction is "substantially equivalent," but jurisdictional requirements vary on issues ranging from licensing to codes of professional conduct.
It requires reinsurers to be authorized by the member state in which the reinsurer has its head office and imposes certain capital requirements to ensure that assets are prudently invested, properly diversified and sufficiently liquid, having due regard to the amount and duration of the expected claims payments.
Recent legislation will exempt CPAs, who prepare a small number of personal or estate tax returns, from the registration requirement.
Given the difficulties in developing software-intensive systems, performance and quality requirements should be well defined and monitored throughout the software's lifecycle.
To adapt this approach, each organization will need to assess the quality characteristics best suited to its business requirements, develop consistent definitions for these qualities, and determine their relative importance.
4) The focus of the reform has been on strengthening the regulatory capital framework for large, internationally active banking organizations through minimum capital requirements that are more sensitive to an institution's risk profile and that reinforce incentives for strong risk management.
So the staff wants the Commissioners to issue a NPR proposing three new requirements: (1) stability performance requirement to address tip-over; (2) leg opening requirement to address entrapment and submersion, and (3) labeling requirement to address the "coming-out" problem.
once the team resolved the issue, they requested authorization from the Core Team for implementation and approval of any spending requirements to complete the project.

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