origin of replication

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or·i·gin of rep·li·ca·tion

a sequence of the bacterial genome required for the initiating of a replicating fork by leading strand synthesis.

origin of replication (ori)

the specific site on a DNA MOLECULE where REPLICATION is initiated.
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We have shown that in some organisms, the replication origins aACAo genetic switches that control DNA replication aACAo are not only unnecessary but cells will actually grow faster when these origins are not present.
I am working in a lab on leukemia cells and nuclear extractions, charting out the proteins' replication origins," says Stearns, who plans to become a physician.
During this work, he discovered the first eukaryotic replication origins, the autonomously replicating sequences, and carried out the first targeted deletion of a gene.
The topics include the two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA topoisomers, single-molecule magnetic tweezer studies of type IB topoisomers, binding DNA topoisomers I and II to replication origins, assaying topoisomers II checkpoints in yeast, the cytological analysis of chromosome structural defects that result from topoisomers II dysfunction, and the depletion and mutation of topoisomerase II in animal cells.
Using a single HeliScope channel for each ~12MB yeast genome, the UMass/Broad group identified in-situ amplified genomic regions representing replication origins.