hip replacement

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hip replacement

Etymology: AS, hype
substitution of an artificial ball and socket joint for the hip joint. Hip replacement is performed to relieve a chronically painful and stiff hip in advanced osteoarthritis, an improperly healed fracture, degenerative joint disease, or rheumatoid arthritis. Antibiotic therapy is begun before surgery, and the patient is taught to walk with crutches or a walker. During surgery the femoral head, neck, and part of the shaft are removed, and the contours of the socket are smoothed. A prosthesis of a durable, hard metal alloy or stainless steel is attached to the femur. A metal or a plastic acetabulum is implanted. The affected leg is kept abducted and in straight alignment with pillows; external rotation of the leg must be prevented. The nurse observes nerve function and circulation in the leg frequently during the first postoperative day. The most frequent complications are infection requiring removal of the new joint and dislocation. Ambulation begins gradually, with frequent short walks. Sitting for more than 1 hour is to be prevented, and hip flexion beyond 60 degrees may cause dislocation of the prosthesis. The patient continues an exercise program after discharge to maintain functional motion of the hip joint and to strengthen the abductor muscles. Weight-bearing may be modified according to the type of prosthesis implanted.
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Hip replacements

hip re·place·ment

(hip rē-plāsmĕnt)
Orthopedic surgery involving femoral head prosthetic replacement.

hip replacement

An operation in which the upper end of the thigh bone (femur) is sawn off, a short, angled metal shaft with a smooth metal or ceramic ball on its upper end is forced down into the hollow of the bone, and a plastic cup to fit the ball is fitted to the natural hollow on the side of the pelvis (the ACETABULUM). Advances reported late in 2003 include the use of two short incisions rather than one long incision and access via the separation of muscle planes rather than by cutting muscle. These technical improvements have made it possible for patients to return home the day after their operation.

Patient discussion about hip replacement

Q. Two weeks ago I fell and my back is still aching. What do you recommend I do? I'm 85 years old and have a history of 5 back operations. I fell a few times in the past couple of years, but I usually manage to live on my own and well. Recently I fell and hurt my left leg which is the one that I had a hip operation and of course problems and pain. I have resting and using my walking stick to balance myself better and I try to rest as much as possible. I know that time is the best healer, but i would love to see a video or read about my situation in order to improve my situation and learn new facts or tips. thanks you.


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Bradley recently underwent a replacement hip operation, and after Salviati had got on the scoresheet, apprentice Mark Savage, who rode his stablemate Beyond Calculation into eighth place, said: "Milton hasn't been racing again yet, but he is getting about well and nearly came today, but it is a long way and he changed his mind.
MONTROSE chairman Derek Sim was all set to jump for joy after hearing his side had earned a shock point at Ibrox - until he remembered he had just undergone surgery to be fitted with a replacement hip.
After a replacement hip operation at The Priory Clinic on May 31, 2008, Mr Mack became ill and began vomiting at the couple's Northfield home.
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) recalled metal on metal (MOM) replacement hip devices, manufactured by DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, in August 2010.
Fans remembering 'The Terminator' may be disappointed as the most mechanical thing in this film will be his replacement hip (aside from his acting).
The grandfather-of-two had the articular surface replacement hip in 2006 after years of wear and tear on his joint.
RLG is currently representing clients who have been harmed by the acne drug isotretinoin ("Accutane" and generic forms) or the contraceptive drospirenone (sold as "Yaz," "Yasmin," and "Ocella") or who have received a replacement hip device now being recalled by Johnson & Johnson/DePuy Orthopaedics.
In the United Kingdom, where more than 55,000 hip replacement procedures are performed annually, replacement hip sizes are correct in only about 30 percent of cases, according to industry estimates.
Grandmother Jan Howie, 68, from Maghull, Liverpool, was on the first day of a two week break in Rhosneigr, Anglesey, when her replacement hip was dislocated while getting up on Crigyll beach.
The Thackray medical museum is named after the Thackray family of Chas F Thackray Ltd which manufactured one of the first replacement hip joints at their Beeston factory and is still a world leader, while Leeds University's school of mechanical engineering is a world-class department doing research of international significance on replacement body parts.
WITH reference to your article `medics clear backlog',I was one of the first patients to be operated on for a replacement hip and I can't thank the team enough.
Grandfather Jim, 66, was put on a six-month waiting list when a joint kept popping out on his replacement hip.

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