payback period

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payback period,

n the length of time required for the net revenues of an investment to return the cost of the investment.
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75 per cent (depending on the borrower's own contribution to the project), a repayment period up to 12 years, and a 12-month grace period.
I cannot see that there will be a need in the West Midlands for repayment periods very much longer than the ones on offer at the moment.
Well since these loans may involve long repayment periods that make them potentially less secure and profitable, banks are unlikely to provide them without an incentive.
Bills noted that the latest affordability numbers also marked the third consecutive quarter of lengthening car loan repayment periods, now at 54.
Seven years, 10 years, and 15 years are common repayment periods.
Additionally, repayment periods have lengthened considerably for BOT projects in developed markets, in turn making them more attractive for project developers.
On mainstay loans, the interest rates, with repayment periods of 21 to 35 years were lowered to between 1.
The new, longer repayment periods are not automatic; refugees must apply to become eligible.
The loan offer will also include flexible repayment periods, fast approval and will run from 22 October 2013 to 31 January 2014.
Under these programs, eligible applicants will benefit from longer repayment periods than conventional bank financing, easing the strain on cash flow.
Additionally, the loan offer from the bank comes with flexible repayment periods and fast approval and run until January 31 next year.
The minimum amount of loan is AED 47,000 ($13,000)and the maximum AED 470,000 ($130,000) with repayment periods from 1 to 5 years.