payback period

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payback period,

n the length of time required for the net revenues of an investment to return the cost of the investment.
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95 per cent (with and without collateral, respectively) for loans up to e1/46,000, repayment periods up to seven years, and a six-month grace period.
By requiring that high-risk non-HAMP borrowers undergo a trial repayment period on the modified loan terms in order to test the borrower's ability to repay, we hope to avoid the pattern of high re-defaults on modified loans.
For Qataris, the banks can provide personal loans up to QR2mn with a maximum repayment period of 72 months.
Beneficiaries will be given 5 million Iraqi dinars (ID) each at an interest rate of 6 percent with a repayment period of up to five years, Kadhem explained.
The repayment period of the loan will be 20 years 5 year grace period.
6 percent and the maximum repayment period is 10 years including a 5-year grace period, TAP said.
The student loan offers a maximum educational credit of $20,000, a 60-month term with interest-only payment, a 10-year repayment period and a variable rate as low as prime plus three percentage points, which is adjusted annually.
The repayment period will be up to 5 years with a grace period of up to 12 months and a highest interest rate of 6 percent annually.
Turkish Treasury Undersecretariat released a statement and said that IMF decided to make some modifications in its repayment period in its meeting held on March 24, 2009.
Single premium cover - which is added to a loan at the start of the deal, rolling up interest throughout the repayment period - will be banned altogether.
In exchange for relief from this requirement, Delta will increase its daily flight commitments from 187 (from the original agreement) to 400; will shorten the bond repayment period from 2022 to 2016; and will go beyond the original bond covenants and specific job functions that will stay in Minnesota as part of the commitment for 10,000 jobs.
The two sides reached an agreement that the repayment period would be prolonged for 10 years.