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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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Negative rental payment history is often reported to credit reports through other channels, such as collection agencies, when people get too far behind on their rent payments or skip on their lease with a balance due.
is the largest and most widely used database of rental payment information and currently includes information on more than 13 million residents nationwide.
David Abramson, managing director of Rent Reform, said: "We're witnessing more and more Birmingham companies falling into insolvency due to the suffocating demands of rental payments.
Most of the people that mpowered counsels and coaches make regular rental payments every month, and, "we believe those good renters deserve good credit," said Gentry.
Experian was the first major credit reporting agency to incorporate the positive rental payment data reported to Experian RentBureau in consumer credit reports, enabling residents to build credit history by paying rent responsibly.
By having real time rental payment data pulled nightly, we have insight into a particular prospect that we did not have before," Betchner says.
Experian RentBureau now working with WilliamPaid to provide renters with another choice for making their monthly rental payments matter
We are thrilled to collaborate with Riverstone Residential and receive valuable rental payment history data from the company's Riverstone-owned and fee-managed communities across the country," said Brannan Johnston, vice president and managing director for Experian RentBureau.
RentBureau's exclusive database collects rental payment histories every 24 hours from its national network of property owners and managers, which currently includes nearly six million residents nationwide.
and Morrison, Ekre & Bart Management Services (MEB) add 71,000 units to rental payment database
Under the proposed regulations, the term of the lease for purposes of determining the applicable recovery period includes any period of time with respect to which a lessee (or a party related to the lessee) retains a financial obligation to make a payment of rent or a payment in the nature of rent (including a payment intended to substitute for rent or to fund or supplement the rental payment of another).

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