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n a payment made by a tenant to an owner for the use of land or a building.
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Depreciation, amortization and rental expenses totaled NT$372 million during the quarter, up by 29% year-over-year and up by 38% sequentially.
This item evaluates each class and subclass of potential qualified research expenses as they relate to cloud-computing server rental expenses.
12) Furthermore, the deduction of rental expenses is limited to the gross rental income - i.
All rental expenses are deducted from the gross rental; a sponsor's proportionate share of debt service is not subtracted from income.
That means employers can budget their rental expenses accurately without the added expenses of seasonal price hikes.
Now, Sir Alan has won his appeal over paying back rental expenses.
The related party to which the taxpayer paid, accrued, or incurred the interest or rental expenses paid, accrued, or incurred such amounts to an unrelated party;
Optional coverages (such as those for towing, labor charges and rental expenses for a replacement when an insured car is disabled) generally have low limits and premiums.
A wide range of available coverage options include specified perils and collision, and coverage can be extended to include temporary transportation rental expenses and temporary replacement vehicle physical damage.
In case of a temporarily relocation to another residence due to an equipment collapse, the company also provides living and equipment rental expenses, and food and wine spoilage coverage.
Because interest and taxes will be deductible regardless of the rental income limitation, a taxpayer will in general want to deduct the smallest amount of interest and taxes possible as rental expenses in order to increase the amount of operating costs that can be deducted.