hilum of kidney

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hi·lum of kid·ney

the depression on the medial border of the kidney through which pass the segmental renal vessels and renal nerves and where the apex of the renal pelvis occurs.
Synonym(s): hilum renale [TA], porta renis
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Previous data show that RI values decrease from renal hilum to the cortex.
The lesions were located in the adrenal region (seven cases), renal hilum region (two cases), and the inferior pole of the kidney (one case).
Every minute counts when the renal hilum is clamped during partial nephrectomy.
9 Arteries run laterally and enter the renal hilum and divides into segmental branches.
Introduction: We aimed to develop a scoring system to quantify the distance between the renal hilum and renal tumour, termed the modified C index (m-CI), and to predict renal functional loss (RFL) following laparoscopic partial nephrectomy (LPN).
CT also revealed two lymph nodes (LN)in right renal hilum adjacent to the inferior vena cava (Figure-1).
In addition, this anatomical variation enhances the importance of arteriography or the Doppler ultrasound examination of the renal hilum before surgeries.
The most important principle is to adopt a "no touch" technique to the renal hilum, minimising the manipulation of both the renal artery and vein.
1-4 It is used as an anatomical landmark in the localization of renal hilum in the laparoscopic surgeries.
In the first step, a fibrosis was identified in the renal hilum, which was induced following laparoscopic creation of the UPJ total obstruction.
Microscopically the kidneys (right and left) were composed by the renal capsule of connective tissue a cortical region just below the capsule and a medullar region inside the organ beyond the renal pelvis medially directed to the renal hilum.
Along its course, the renal artery reaches the upper end of renal hilum, just before it divides into 2, 3, 4 terminal branches that reach the kidney anteriorly to renal pelvis (TESTUT; JACOB, 1977).