remote viewing

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remote viewing,

n a term used to describe the anomalous cognition that allows a subject (the ‘receiver’) to obtain information about a distant target object or image to which the subject and the researcher are blinded. See also anomalous cognition.
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Paul starts by discussing the most popular of remote viewing styles, which is coordinate remote viewing (CRV) brought into existence in the late 1970s and the early 1980s by Stanford Research International (SRI) researchers and Ingo Swann, a SRI remote viewer.
Critique: Nancy du Tertre, known as "The Skeptical Psychic," is a securities litigation attorney who became a trained psychic detective and a remote viewer trained in military CRV methods.
It's an intriguing approach that neatly moves beyond the basic question of aliens on Earth and delves into communication processes and issues of intention, and comes from a securities litigation attorney who became a trained psychic detective and a remote viewer trained in military methods.
The two replicas, resting on a square pedestal, faced each other in the installation, titled The Remote Viewer (Endgame) (all works cited, 2015), just as the two champions once faced off, each scrutinizing his adversary's face and the horizontal board for hours at a time.
There is an eight camera video surveillance system with remote viewer in place.
Joe was Remote Viewer 001 in the US Army's Stargate Program, based at Fort Meade, Maryland.
Some think it's nonsense, but a lot of government money has been spent on research into this fascinating phenomenon - and it seems that almost anyone can be trained to become a remote viewer.
A scanning company demo--for TSA scanners--shows a male remote viewer examining the scans of naked men and women and a 4 1/2-foot tall pubescent girl
Government Remote Viewer 001 tells of the first military recruit for the government to use his abilities as a 'psychic spy' during the Cold War and beyond, following nearly twenty years of psychic spying and reissuing the classic 2002 title The Stargate Chronicles in paper.
The CATx IP utilizes a version of the Real Virtual Network Computing server and remote viewer to provide security, keyboard and mouse compatibility, high video quality and cross-platform support.
Keystroke loggers, as their name implies, are software programs that enable a remote viewer (usually a criminal hacker) to record every keystroke made and to assemble those keystrokes into documents.
The remote viewer lets you monitor your business site from home, or your home site from your laptop when you're on vacation.