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In conclusion, spiritual and religious activities are frequently used by older patients in many settings such as the hospital, nursing homes, outpatient clinics and the community.
Perhaps engaging in religious activities, independent of prohibitionary tenets, results in the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices and coping mechanisms, which is consistent with other studies that address the beneficial effects of religious coping (Pargament, 1997).
77 percent of the faith-based contractors regarded as "very important" the act of notifying clients that they need not participate in religious activities to receive services from a faith-based organization.
For over 70 years it has been home to the Chapel and Friary, and during that time has accommodated various religious activities.
We are not proposing that federal money be used to fund religious activities themselves.
The high court said that when the public funds were paid for the rite in 1985, there was no Supreme Court ruling barring municipalities from participating in religious activities, so the officials were not violating the law.
9) Circuit Judge Morris Sheppard Arnold delivered the opinion of the court that religious activities had played a part in the decision to fire Isaiah Brown.
1) It then identifies some potential areas of conflict between employees' religious beliefs and law enforcement interests and sets forth some general principles to guide the development of departmental policies regulating workplace religious activities.
The exclusively religious activities of any religious order.
Crimes are now on the books for "disturbing public order and damaging people's health through religious activities," for "stirring up conflicts between nationalities," and, most broadly, for "doing harm to the public interest," reports Lena Sun of The Washington Post.
He said: "I will continue to spend most of my time on charitable and religious activities outside Fidelity.
This report consists of religious organizations operated for worship or for promotion of religious activities.