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(1) The specific permanent record(s) upon which a user relies for the reconstruction and evaluation of a clinical investigation.
(2) Shorthand for source documents and/or source data, which are records planned (per protocol) or referenced as those providing the information underlying analyses and findings of a clinical investigation.


Vox populi The point from which a thing originates, arises, emanates, springs forth, hell, you get the picture. See Carbon source, Knowledge source.


1. The initiator of an epidemic disease, e.g., the patient who spreads an illness to others or the place from which an epidemic spreads (e.g., a food source, a source of contaminated water).
2. A reservoir or store house.
3. In technical and academic writing, the origin of a reference, quotation, or statistic.

Patient discussion about source

Q. what are the sources for high density lipoprotein? I have heard that high density lipoprotein is good for heart. What differences does it make in heart’s health and what are the sources for high density lipoprotein?

A. Hi Liam, it is very important that we have high density lipoprotein (HDL) in our body. The fact is that the HDL is formed inside the body. They are known as good cholesterol as they are famous for their protection for heart against the heart diseases. It has been found that Vitamin B3 or Niacin consumption increases the count of HDL. It’s good to cut on the diet having more of saturated fats and oils, which increases the chances of heart attack.

Q. It’s actually a real source of irritation to me. I can't stand. Any such experiences…. The cesarean incision done on my body is really sensitive. I avoid touching it. I try to wear clothes that come up over my scar line, and I hate it when my son steps on the area when we're playing. It’s actually a real source of irritation to me. I can't stand. Any such experiences….

A. I don't think I had sensitivity like you. As far as I can remember I was able to wear jeans once it healed. One thing that does set off the sensitivity for me is when my brother`s dog of the right height jumps on me and puts their claws over the area. I wish to know is that area sensitive or paining? Both make a lot of difference. Better consult with your physician.

Q. Is there any good source for heel pain relief, besides NSAIDs? My heel pain is most severe at night when I sleep. It's as if the way I position my feet worsen the condition, but I'm at a loss to know how to position my feet. During the day my heels feel so but don't typically bother me.

A. I have found that keeping my feet flexed (the position they are in when standing) helps ease the pain of plantar facitis. I also don't let my feet get cold(wear socks)and keep heavy blankets and quilts off the feet. Placing a box under the covers at the foot of the bed will help keep the blankets up. Do try the exercises recommended on the above web sites. It usually resolves in about 6 months. Best wishes!

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McCain also scores well among Democrats, with 53% saying he is a reliable source of information on Iraq.
According to reliable sources, five Pakistanis persons living in Italy, France and Germany are part of gang, who are involved in drug dealing business.
According to reliable sources, Sihala Police training academy is a potential target for terrorists as cadets are trained here.
In this connection, reliable sources disclosed that very vital talks with Dera present MNA and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Faisal Karim Kundy has concluded about the laying of railway line from Kotla Jam to DI Khan and seventy million rupees were already approved for this project.
The alternative energy market is continuing to expand to provide environmentally cleaner and more reliable sources of computer grade energy.
ISLAMABAD, July 11, 2011 (Frontier Star): President Asif Zardari is likely to announce the independent and non political Governor of Sindh province within the next two weeks, to run the affairs of Sindh, it has learnt here on Sunday from most reliable sources.
Certainly, all vegans should choose reliable sources of all nutrients, including vitamin [B.
According to reliable sources RPO Rawalpindi's secret meeting with Opposition Leader Chaudhry Nisar Ahmed could not prove productive to save Waqar Chauhan from suspension.
Reliable sources told here on Tuesday, committee chairman Jamshed Dasti would chair the meeting, while Pakistan Cricket Board's Chairman Ejaz But, Coach Intikhab Alam and Chief Operating Officer has been directed to ensure their attendance in the meeting.
E[acute accent]This acquisition is another advance in North Coast's effort to provide Ohio with more diverse and reliable sources of natural gas and access to lower cost mid-continent sources, thereby reducing the state's dependence on Gulf Coast sources.

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