transplant rejection

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transplant rejection

Graft rejection, organ rejection, tissue rejection Immunology The constellation of host immune responses evoked when an allograft tissue is transplanted into a recipient; rejection phenomena may be minimized by optimal matching of MHC antigens and ABO blood groups and ameliorated with immunosuppressants–eg, cyclosporin, tacrolimus, rapamycin Exceptions of TR Corneal transplants, identical twins. See Graft-versus-host disease, HLA, MHC, Tissue typing.


1. an organ or tissue taken from the body and grafted into another area of the same individual or another individual.
2. to transfer tissue from one part to another or from one individual to another.

ovum transplant
see ovum transplant.
transplant rejection
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Dental pulp stem cells has relatively low immunogenicity with rare rejection reaction, thus it can be used for oneself and their immediate family members, which ultimately bring health to families.
precisely - that looks like a kind of contact lens, is then transplanted into the patient and allows to obtain a long-term transparent cornea and a full recovery of visual acuity, without causing any rejection reaction, because it consists of cells of the patient him/herself.
Patients did not experience any rejection reaction or require long-term immune suppression, which are serious side effects associated with the use of human donor tissue.
The second procedure would replace previously transplanted insulin-producing islets whose immunoisolation has been compromised by the patient's natural immune rejection reaction or by cell attrition over time.
In a study involving nearly 4,000 patients published last year in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, Professor Gerhard Opelz, Caner Suesal, MD, and colleagues of the Heidelberg University Hospital found that the higher the soluble CD30 level, the more likely a rejection reaction.
Gray was the first coach of the modern era to suffer the ultimate Welsh Rugby Union rejection reaction - a mere three months after a side including the likes of Jonathan Davies, Robert Jones, Robert Norster and Paul Thorburn took Wales to their first - and last - Triple Crown since 1979.
A common complication that occurs after stem cell transplantation is a rejection reaction in the patient's body, which can potentially be fatal.
None of the patients experienced any rejection reaction or required long-term immunosuppressive therapy, serious issues associated with the use of human donor tissue.
A hyperacute rejection reaction is stimulated by certain human antibodies specific for a sugar structure (Gal-alpha-1,3-Gal epitope) on the surface of pig endothelial cells.
In addition, it found patients had been exposed to the risk of infection with HIV, Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CJD), acute allergic reactions, rejection reactions or malignant tumours.
Tissues from cloned embryos are well known to be genetically highly abnormal and likely to produce tumors, and they too can cause rejection reactions because of the genetic differences due to mitochondrial DNA.