Ernst, German anatomist, 1824-1878. See: Reissner fiber, Reissner membrane.
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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The president of the International Association of Judges (IAJ), Gerhard Reissner, has said that he is shocked to hear that seven TV channels have been dropped from TV streaming platforms due to an order given by the prosecutor's office in Turkey, saying that such practices are not in accordance with democratic values.
In this context, Prandtl (1921) and Reissner (1924) presented methods of calculating the ultimate bearing capacity of shallow strip footings based on the plastic theory.
The book Storytelling in Management Practice, authored by Stefanie Reissner and Victoria Pagan, explores how managers use storytelling in practice, as well as its functions at different levels within an organisation.
The amendment to the Judiciary Law reducing the maximum age for judges violates international standards, said Gerhard Reissner, Chairman of the International Association of Judges (IAJ).
Picture: (Left to right) Erika Reissner of Alexander Forbes and Reinette Koegelenberg, CEO of the Cancer Association of Namibia.
The European judges' team, including EAJ president Austrian judge Gerhard Reissner, Marten Stenbeck of the Netherlands and Meelis Eerik of Estonia, were reported as having said on their departure on January 29 that their fi ndings would be made public in May.
The delegation included Austria's Gerhard Reissner, President of the European Association of Judges (EAJ), the Dutch judge Marten Stenbeck and the Estonian judge Meelis Eerik.
As the majority of business documents are now created in electronic format, instituting a robust e-discovery strategy has become increasingly important," said Planet Data CEO Howard Reissner.
Anne Reissner asks, "Can we imagine seminaries and schools of theology around the world that are centers of missionary training because they understand that mission is the basic reason for the existence of the church?
REISSNER, Simone, Uber Oscar Wilde: Eine psychoanalytische Betrachtung / Oscar Wilde: A Psychoanalytical Examination, Ahriman (Freiburg), 2 CDs.
Apart from the new press at Martin Etiquettes, Germany's Etiketten Reissner recently installed an HP ws4500 and Rako (Germany) Eshuis and Geostick (both Netherlands) are reported to be beta testing the new WS6000.