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It is not clear why the severity of the penalty altered, for on 10 May 1561 and on 23 May 1565 it was set at 2,000 reis; on 4 June 1569 it was 500 reis; and on 13 July 1569 the fine was once again 2,000 reis.
Reis has a 21-year tradition of serving investment-oriented professionals; whether you're analyzing the performance of one asset or multiple markets, Reis SE reflects an unrivaled depth of information, and the presentation-quality reports display our exceptional understanding of what content helps these professionals make decisions and complete transactions," said Lloyd Lynford, Reis's founder and president.
And again in the 52nd minute, with Jason Moore breaking in alone, Reis met him about 23 yards out, just in time to send the shot bounding away.
The Company's primary operating activities immediately prior to the merger were the development, construction and sale of three residential projects and its approximate 23% ownership interest in Private Reis.
The rules of the American Stock Exchange (the "AMEX") require WRP's stockholders to approve the issuance of shares of common stock of WRP to Reis stockholders, since such an issuance would be greater than 20% of the common shares currently outstanding.
The rules of the American Stock Exchange require WRP stockholders to approve the issuance of WRP shares of common stock to Reis stockholders, since such an issuance would be greater than 20% of the shares currently outstanding.
Our clients look to Reis for interpretation of our primary research findings within the macroeconomic context," said Reis CEO Lloyd Lynford.
The release of the Reis Transaction Monitor is the first of a series of aggressive new product development steps Reis is taking during 2006," said Sander.
We're committed to maintaining Reis Subscriber Edition's position as the industry standard source for commercial real estate trends, forecasts, rent comparables, sales comparables, valuation estimations, and credit risk scores," said Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Michael J.
Now is the time for creative solutions that benefit both consumers and businesses and I can think of no better leader for our industry during these challenging times than Curtis Reis.
announced today the launch of its Sales Comparables module, an optional add-on to the company's flagship product, Reis Subscriber Edition.
Powered by the same proprietary data and forecasts behind the Real Estate Indexes that Reis prepares exclusively for the Wall Street Journal, the module brings rapid property valuation and loan risk analytics to more than 7,000 Reis Subscriber Edition desktops at major financial and commercial real estate institutions throughout the United States.