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Albert, 19th-century German chemist. See: Reinecke salt.
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We knew pistachios were strong contributors to overall department sales, but this study shows that pistachios can be a real profit producer," says commission president Karen Reinecke.
En Alemania estudio con Salomon Jadassohn, Karl Reinecke, y Hans Becker en el Conservatorio Real de Leipzig.
Leisa Reinecke Flynn and Dawn Pearcy suggest that one reason for this is the omission of one or more vital steps in the scale development process.
Hinsdale was promoted to president and CEO and a member of the board of directors of Barnes & Reinecke, Inc.
Additionally, minority interests are being acquired in the Sharon Ridge Unit and Reinecke Unit, operated by Exxon and Spirit 76, respectively.
More fundamentally, the Reinecke isn't a particularly gripping or substantial work.
Reinecke at the Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.
On the other hand, Grant County Judge William Reinecke narrowly survived a recall election after suggesting that a five-year old girl had made sexual advances toward a man who molested her.
At the end of his paper, Reinecke acknowledges the central role played by Dragotin Cvetko--whom he calls the 'Nestor of Slovenian musicology'--in placing Gallus at the centre of modern cultural discourse in Slovenia.
As a counterbalance, three veterans of the famed Berliner Ensemble -- actors Carmen-Maja Antoni and Hans-Peter Reinecke, and composer/pianist Hans-Karl Nehring -- were imported to perform Love and Revolution: A Brecht Cabaret.
Source: "Manufacturers Urged to Get Together and Make an Environmentally Friendly Car," Die Welt (Bonn), translated in The German Tribune (Friedrich Reinecke Verlag GmbH, 3-4 Hartwicusstrasse, D-2000 Hamburg 76, Federal Republic of Germany), November 25, 1990.
Alex Reinecke, scientist, Mesoscale Modeling Section; and Drs.