Edward C. Jr., U.S. endocrinologist, 1908-1975. See: Reifenstein syndrome.
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When asked about Mercier's impact on WiDS and the defence industry in Canada, current president Vera Reifenstein, calls Mercier "an inspiration to the WiDS membership" whose "success and approach to [the defence] industry has broken ground for all women working hard to be successful in this male-dominated field.
Contractor address : Zona Artigianale Reifenstein 17
In the early 1940s, Albright and Reifenstein were among the first to refer to the antiosteoporotic and anabolic properties of androgens.
This quote, pasted in the desk of Susan Hickey, is one that's helped her and co-managing partner Debbie Reifenstein peddle books in Alaska's capital city for 25 years.
Before Hearthside Books first opened its doors, Hickey and Reifenstein wrote down all the book titles people requested.
Hickey and Reifenstein were surprised shoppers didn't talk up the chain's low cost and vast selection.
State jobs and oil dollars brought a lot of new people into Juneau in the 1970s, and Hickey and Reifenstein considered the residents at that time to be a highly educated population.
To alleviate the crowded ports, AMHS operations manager George Reifenstein says the ferry service has increased its runs in Lynn Canal for this summer.
Elsewhere in Southeast, Reifenstein says more daylight runs will carry passengers between Prince of Wales Island and Ketchikan, and this year for the first time, the ferry service will offer main-line stops in Kake.