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Tadeus, 20th-century Polish-born Swiss chemist. See: Reichstein compound, Reichstein substance.
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Ozcan & Reichstein, 2009) or Danish labor markets (Nanda & Sprensen, 2010).
Reichstein said: "That is roughly equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered in terrestrial environments every year.
Die 101 wichtigsten Fragen: die Europaische Union', by Ruth Reichstein, Verlag C.
There is only one species in the genus, however, with two subspecies (Pichi Sermolli 1985; Badre & Reichstein 1983) that differ in their ploidy levels.
Piao S, Ciais P, Friedlingstein P, Peylin P, Reichstein M, Luyssaert S, Margolis H, Fang J, Barr A, Chen A, Grelle A, Hollinger DY, Laurila T, Lindroth A, Richardson AD, Vesala T (2008) Net carbon dioxide losses of northern ecosystems in response to autumn warming.
A researcher investigating a soil showing increased respiration with temperature might start with microbial biomass as the factor of interest, presuming, as do many decomposition models (Wutzler and Reichstein, 2008), that biomass is a proxy for the decomposition potential of a soil.
In October 1950, the Nobel committee announced that Philip Hench and the two biochemists who had painstakingly isolated and described the chemistry of adrenal steroids, Thaddeus Reichstein (University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland) and Edward Kendall (Mayo Clinic, Rochester, New York, U.
A more recent line of research about industry life cycle (Keppler, 1996; Keppler & Grady, 1990; Keppler & Simons, 2000; Reichstein, 2003) attempts to associate growth of individual firms to an evolution pattern of the industry as a whole.
The Junior Sportswoman of the Year is Nadia Reichstein from the SKW Rhythmic Gymnastics, which is also the Group of the Year.
As with the others, it was the unexpected friendliness of the people and the heritage of the city that so impressed Angelika Reichstein, 23, from Bremen University.
Reichstein notes that jumbo VA mortgages make up less than 10 percent of his total business.
And following in her uncle's footsteps, Miriam studied butterflies, working with the Nobel-Prize winning organic chemist, Tadeus Reichstein.