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Tadeus, 20th-century Polish-born Swiss chemist. See: Reichstein compound, Reichstein substance.
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Reichstein said: "As extreme climate events reduce the amount of carbon that the terrestrial ecosystems absorb and the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere therefore continues to increase, more extreme weather could result.
The following girls received the prestigious trophy: Aldi Truter, Nicole Bierbach, Bianka Trossbach, Maike Brandt, Nadia Reichstein and Michelle Bierbach.
Dr James 'Ken' Roberts and Erasmus students at the Athenaeum, from left, JMU co-ordinator Michael Harley, Robin Mueck, Oliver Born, Angelika Reichstein, Inga Norkute, Malte Boehm and Jitka Marelova Picture: EDDIE BARFORD/eb200808cstudents-1; Michael Harley - we need volunteers
Texas, California and Florida have the highest percentage of veterans, adds Reichstein.
Today, the very building that saw such prolific work from Paracelsus and Reichstein houses the Pharmacy Museum, which contains the world's largest collections on the history of pharmacy.
Indeed, Hench, Edward Kendall, and Tadeus Reichstein together won a Nobel Prize for their work with cortisone.
It is not surprising, then, that cortisone came to be accepted as a miracle medicine or that within two years Hench and Kendall, together with Swiss researcher Tadeus Reichstein, were sharing the Nobel Prize for medicine and physiology.
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Just 2 short years later Kendall and Hench shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Tadeus Reichstein, a Swiss scientist who independently isolated hormones of the adrenal cortex (1).
Katterer T, Reichstein M, Andren O, Lomander A (1998) Temperature dependence of organic matter decomposition: a critical review using literature data analyzed with different models.